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  • Débora Junker with Ana Maria Araújo Freire
  • Group photo of Cátedra participants
  • Cátedra 2019 Students Presenters and Faculty
  • Ana Maria Araújo Freire giving her keynote address

Cátedra Paulo Freire: The Potency of Collective Conscientização - Resisting the Disimagination Machine
March 12-13, 2020 | Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

The Cátedra Paulo Freire was inaugurated on April 8, 2016 by Ana Maria Araújo Freire, widow of Paulo Freire, who has approved the use of his name. 

The Cátedra Paulo Freire Conference 2020 is an invitation to those who yearn for a more humane world. In his constant celebration of hope, Paulo Freire always highlighted that “while change is difficult, it is always possible.”